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Established in 2016 under the visionary guidance of Monica, we are dedicated to crafting unparalleled weddings and events that flourish with elegance and luxury. Our team of passionate artisans and craftsmen, driven by a shared love for design, infuse their skillful artistry into every element. 

From the intimate to the elaborate, every event is a canvas for our creativity, adorned with dreamy drapery, enchanting lighting fixtures, and lavish decor. We pour our hearts and spirits into our work, creating alluring atmospheres tailored to our clients’ style. Our mission is to bring beauty to life, using our imagination to transform spaces and design events that leave lasting impressions.

Drape Art Designs, a prestigious event design firm, is renowned as the architects of unforgettable experiences.

About us

Designing is my love language, it is how I communicate when I cannot best articulate. My ability and willingness to adapt and adjust mindsets to achieve truly unique stylized designs is what drives my passion. I use my mind, body, heart and spirit in my work to achieve these unique designs. This is why I love what I do and it shows in my artistry and attitude.

I believe that design has the ability to transform a space, and as a result change the world we live in. Design has the ability to harness energy and imagination in order to create something beautiful and distinctive. It also offers us the ability to have an open mind and will to succeed and overcome obstacles that may arise along the way, facilitating all things possible.

Drape Art Designs was founded from my undeniable passion and strong desire to push the boundaries seeking the dream yet to be built, to make everything beautiful, while bringing happiness to all those I encounter through design.  

Meet Monica

We Are Known For

We recognize the powerful influence that thoughtfully curated visuals can have on emotions and experiences. Our elite design team, fueled by your vision, blends technical expertise with artistic flair to sculpt dreamy environments. We specialize in bespoke event design, each one honoring our clients’ tastes, budgets, and personalities. Through the artful use of drapery, lighting, and decor, we breathe life into your vision, dressing the space to perfection. From ballrooms yearning for a lavish transformation to outdoor venues in need of a touch of sophistication, no space is beyond our reach. 

We use fabric drapery as a transformative tool, adding whimsy to basic elements and creating an indoor ambiance in outdoor settings. Our team has the unique ability to both envision and execute designs with our in-house manufacturing capabilities. With an extensive selection of fabrics, colors, and textures at our disposal, we customize each design to exact specifications. Our curated collection of hand-draped fabrics allows us to infuse warmth, drama, and enchantment into venues.

Lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the mood and can define and enhance the overall theme. We offer a constantly evolving selection of functional and aesthetic light fixtures, ranging from magical twinkle lights to opulent chandeliers. Our diverse palette of colors and ability to shape textures and light adds charm to any event space. We also specialize in custom covers for light fixtures and are capable of engineering innovative lighting solutions, like free-standing chandeliers. 

Our stylized event decor transforms dream settings into reality. We offer custom, hand-crafted pieces such as upholstered bars and a selection of unique high-quality furniture. As each individual theme unfolds, our creativity blossoms, inspiring us to push the boundaries of conventional decor. 

We value authentic connections with our clients, treating everyone as our top priority, regardless of the event’s size. Our design process is informative and enjoyable, ensuring a seamless journey from conception to completion. We pride ourselves on our quick response times and the respect we extend to all. 

Our work is our passion, and we take immense pride in every masterpiece we bring to life. We aspire to create a wave of excitement through our creative designs, infusing every element with pure elegance. Our goal is to leave clients breathless as they step into their luxurious space, overwhelmed by its beauty.

We go beyond bringing your dreams to life by helping to shape them from the onset. Our approach involves taking the time to understand your ideas, hopes, and inspirations, and weaving them into a one-of-a-kind design. Anchored in the belief that there is beauty in everything, we use creative thinking and tailored designs to captivate any audience.

Deeply committed to our clients, our skillful team seamlessly transitions from imaginative design to flawless execution. We understand that it’s the personal touches that create lasting memories, and our meticulous attention to detail sets us apart. Design is more than our profession – it’s our love language. We consider it a privilege to be a part of the most special moments.

The Four Pillars Of Drape Art Designs

– Jimmy Guzman, JNG Event Consulting

“Drape Art Designs have always exceeded all expectations for any event we’ve had the pleasure of sharing together”

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